giovedì 17 febbraio 2011

Naples' Calling by - Team Leader Eleonora Esposito

Naples' Calling

The city of creativity is shining again!!!!!!
For all these years, the deepest soul of Naples has been humiliated, destroyed, deprived of its beauty and creativity. Today, its cry for help desperately rises up. Naples is tired now, but the Goddesses hasten to help it and free it from this oppression. These new, modern divinities are the symbol of rebirth, freedom, creativity, beauty, elegance. With their touch everything comes back to life, and so Naples is brought back to life and becomes the symbol of creativity once again. The Goddesses’ goal is to save Naples, make it shine, and show to the world its new face!
The Goddesses come from a place where the key word is creativity. This place is

Eleonora Esposito and Eugenio D’Orio inspired the project, influenced by elements present in some of Raphael’s and Alma Tadema’s paintings, combined with some mythological references to the origins of Naples.
The shooting took place at Studio Amnesia - - Casalnuovo (NA), thanks to the availability of its owner, Linda Scala, and on the roof garden of the prestigious Hotel Excelsior in Naples - – thanks to the hotel management and Mr. Luigi Di Martino.

Team Leader and Womenswear Designer - Eleonora Esposito, who involved in this project the best and most promising Italian and international creative members of
Fashion Photographer - Eugenio D'Orio, whose talent managed to give the project the right motive to effectively highlight the abilities of all the creative people who participated in the project.
2nd Shooter Michele Cozzolino
Graphic Designers - Luca La Greca, Ciro Zeno, Riccardo Romano.
Video Maker – Didier Tommasi
Make-Up Artist - Alessandra Riccio.
Shoe Designer - Isabella Zocchi (with her made in Italy creations).
Styling - Serena Panebianco and Eleonora Esposito.

Backstage Photographers - Marco Tramontano and 2nd Backstage Photographer Diana Lauro.
Fashion Models - Ava Bergman, Anna Bihas, Tina Corrado, Noemi De Falco, and Tiziana De Giacomo, whose beauty and elegance have interpreted the new renaissance.
Project Assistants - Sara Cimino and Roberta Fusco
All together with the only aim to interpret and give a new face to the creativity that has taken shape and is reborn in Naples!

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